Vimax review: Your comprehensive guide!

Do you feel that you are not fulfilling your partner in bed? Well, if your manhood is not up to the task, it does not mean that you should not have a great sex life. Also note that this is a common issue many men face today. This Vimax review will tell you just what Vimax penis pills can do for you.

What is Vimax and how does it work?

These pills are specifically made for the male population to improve their sex life. The truth of the matter is that different people have different problems in bed. Therefore, this solution works in various ways to ensure that your sex life is fully spiced and back on track. One crucial role that Vimax plays is that it boosts your sex drive. Ingredients used to make the pill contain testosterone-boosting agents which instantly puts you in the mood.

Further to this, the pills are known to widen and actually increase the length of your penis. You will be surprised at the simplicity of how this works. The substances contained in the herbs used to manufacture Vimax pills allow for blood to flow into the penis gradually at increasing levels. After a short period of this repetitive process, the pockets holding blood, (blood vessels) increase in size. Results usually show after a period of two weeks which is really impressive taking into account that this is a natural process which would take longer.

Why is Vimax gaining popularity?

Simply put, the popularity of Vimax arises due to the simple fact that it actually works and results are seen soon after it is put into use. Vimax is real and is not a scam. Unlike other drugs, this product delivers on its promise to make your prowess felt by your partner. Only recently, a small study did reveal that more than ninety percent of male participants had tried these pills and slightly over 80 % had experienced excellent results. In addition, the natural ingredients used to manufacture this product made its users comfortable as some people fear using products made of industrial chemicals. Thus, with the use of Vimax, you are assured not only of results, but also your safety and that of your partner.

Contents of Vimax

Made from purely natural ingredients, it contains herbal extracts such as gingko biloba, ginseng root, velvet, Avena sativa, oats, cayenne fruit, damian leaf, balsam and tribulus terrestris. Additionally, the pills also contain some inert ingredients such as cellulise, vegetable stearate and silica. What’s more, no flavors or artificial colors are added which makes it naturally safe.

There are other ingredients such as the horny goat weed which as the name suggests, makes you horny as it has direct effect both at the penis and at your brain. Any health expert will attest to the instant sexual effect this herb has when a person who consumes it. Saw palmetto is another crucial ingredient that improves on the health of your prostate glands and thus ensures your reproductive organs are not only boosted but also refreshed and healthier. Did you know the cayenne plant increases you penile length up to 4 inches?


● Firm erections

● The girth of your penis is increased up to a third its size

● Penis increase of up to 4 inches long

● The urinary tract functions better

● Boosts your sex drive

● Enhanced blood flow through the genitals

● Deals with erectile dysfunction

● Orgasms that are more intense

● Overall improvement of sexual experience


There are no known side effects at the moment. Results vary for different people thus some men will realize quick results while others will take a little bit longer.

Are these results permanent?

Yes. The results you get are permanent and for life. Unlike other solutions which entail use of creams and pumps that produce temporary results, Vimax guarantees you an eternity of a fulfilled sex life. If your penis grows a further 3 or 4 inches, then it is yours for good. It can be a frustrating experience if you have to take pills whose results show up periodically and not constantly as you may wish.

Where can you purchase it?

Vimax is available online for purchase and delivery. In case of anything there’s a 100 % money back guarantee for you.

The bottom line

Failure to perform in bed can be a rather horrible experience. It will affect your self-esteem and consequently other facets of life. With this in mind, Vimax is highly recommended for everyone and its results will leave you in awe.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a popular male enhancement product that is available in form of capsules. Considered the no. 1 penis enlargement supplement, VigRX Plus promises users more long-lasting and harder erections, in addition to having improved sexual desire and orgasmic pleasure, if they are consistent. Many independent companies have tested the product and found no adverse side effects of using it.

How does VigRX Plus Work?
The effectiveness of this male enhancement product can be associated with its very potent aphrodisiacs, natural erection precursors and libido enhancers. The ingredients start working immediately a user takes the pills. They affect the body levels of nitric oxide in your body, thus helping you to relax your smooth corpus cavernous muscle tissue as well as its connected arterioles. This in turn improves the blood flow into the shaft of the penis, resulting in harder, fuller and thicker erections.

The aphrodisiacs and testosterone boosters in also improve an individual’s sexual stamina or desire, resulting in improvement of his overall sexual function and health.

Recommended dosage
The recommended VigRX Plus dosage is 2 capsules a day. One capsule can be taken immediately the individual takes breakfast, and the other after dinner.

Ingredients in VigRX Plus
The product contains several highly effective ingredients. These are;
•Bioperine – This is the newest ingredient in VigRX Plus. It increases absorption of the nutrients in the product by up to 30%.
•Damiana – This clinically proven ingredient is known to help improve the quality of erection, orgasms and sexual stamina of an individual.
•Asian red ginseng ─One of the most important ingredients in VigRX Plus, Asian red ginseng improves sexual stamina, endurance and functions.
•Ginkgo leaf – This is another essential ingredient which has been shown to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction(ED).
•Epimedium leaf extract -It has been used for many years as a libido enhancer.
•Catuaba bark extract -Another effective libido enhancer, Catuaba bark extract has been found to help boost energy levels.
•Saw palmetto berry -This is an effective aphrodisiac whose use can traced to thousands of years back.
•Muira Pauma bark extract -This is a very popular herbal ingredient that is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well as improvement of sexual desire.
•Hawthorn Berry -This natural herb helps increase flow of blood and oxygen into the heart.

Benefits of VigRX Plus
There are many benefits that an individual can get by using VigRX Plus. Here are some of them.
1. Significantly improves power over erections
2. Boosts sexual libido/sexual drive if used according to instructions
3. Gives stronger, harder and more long-lasting erections
4. Provides recurrent and extreme orgasmic pleasure
5. Contains all natural ingredients
6. Greatly improves libido levels
7. VigRX Plus has scientific backing.The product has been scientifically shown to be effective in penis enhancement. Numerous clinical studies have been conducted and there more are being carried out.
8. Has no negative side effects: Some prescription erection pills and even other male enhancement products have been reported to cause some side effects such as blurred vision, headache, heartache, pelvic pain and diarrhoea. VigRX plus does not cause any of these conditions provided you use it according to direction.

As with any supplement, it will take some time for you to see noticeable results when you start using VigRX Plus ─ an average of a week or two. While the results may differ from one person to another , many men report seeing changes in their sexual function within two to four weeks.

Penis pump or Vacuum constriction device

Penis pump or Vacuum constriction device is a low cost, reasonable treatment for male erectile dysfunction. Research has indicated that this device may be worthwhile in situations where PDE5-inhibitore drugs such as Viagra are ineffective. The device has a pumping mechanism and an acrylic tube that can be a hand grip, squeeze ball, an electronic device or a plunger. As the individual using the pump pumps air from the interior of the tube, the resulting vacuum enhances blood flow into the erectile tissue. Then a constriction ring is slid over the penis’s base for maintenance of erection when the tube is removed.
Penis pumps have been proved to be effective in penile rehabilitation studies. Certain procedures such as radical prostatectomy may precipitate temporary impotence due to nerve damage. Some of the penile tissues often atrophy if a person goes for a long period without spontaneous erection, leading to long-term dysfunction. Postoperative use of penis pump may help to stave off the damage.
The devices can be bought over the counter, and some people without erectly dysfunction have employed them for increasing their girth or for masturbation. In a bid to increase the length of your girth, vendors advice that the pump should be used for a 30-minute session approximately four times a week for several months. However, it has been found out that, overuse of the penis pump can cause damage of the penis unless the device has a ‘vacuum limiter’ which lets in air automatically if there is too much negative pressure build up in the tube. Excessive pumping without a vacuum limiter may lead to penile bruising or serious tissue damage in extreme cases.
How vacuum constriction devices work
To use a penis pump, put the pump, which may be run on batteries or pumped by hand over the penis. Pump out air in the cylinder to create a vacuum. The vacuum helps in drawing blood into the penis’s shaft which makes it swell and erect. Upon erection, use a lubricant to slide retaining band down the lower part of the penis. After releasing the pump, remove the pump. Intercourse may be tried with constriction band in place to assist in maintaining the erection. The band may be left on safely for approximately 30 minutes for successful intercourse. However, it is vital to bear in mind that devices purchased without prescription have a “quick release “feature.
Penis pump are safe and can be employed by patients with erectile dysfunction caused by conditions such as diabetes, poor penile blood flow, surgery for colon or prostate cancer, psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Men with significant congenital bleeding disorders or disorders which predispose them to priapism, for instance some kinds of leukemia, sickle cell anemia and other types of blood conditions should not use penis pumps.
Side effects of penis pump
An erection resulting from a penis pump is dissimilar with a natural erection. The penis may be purplish in appearance and can be numb or cold. In some occasions, a blue and a black mark or small areas of bruising are evident on the penile shaft, but it is often painless and resolves in a short period.

Penis Enlargement Procedures And Medicines: Do They Work?

The perennial anxiety and discomfort so many men all over the globe possess when it comes to their penile sizes has birthed an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and one that only keeps growing with frightful speed. The industry, which offers all types and forms of penis lengthening and thickening tips and drugs, and the occasional surgery, has grown from strength to strength in recent times. While a vast population if men all over the world fret about small penis sizes, most of this lot actually has normal sized penises, and their fears only come about as a result of an overall poor image of themselves. They then project this poor image to the size of their private organs and as such, contribute to the growth of the penis enlargement industry. There are a variety of ways and medicines marketed by this vast industry that promise enlarged penises, some of which have shown great ability to lengthen the male penis. It all lies in the user’s preference, as to what procedures and drugs to follow and imbibe respectively.

There is an assortment of pills and lotions tailored specifically for men who crave for enlarged penises. The products come loaded with minerals, vitamins, herbal elements, and even hormones. While some of these have had significant results, there have been harmful elements and traces of lead metal and pesticide traces found in them. Pills are the most suspect types of medicines in the penis enlargement sector. They have not had the most impactful results for most of the people who have used them. A popular line sold by critics of the same, is that if pills indeed had the capacity to elongate and thicken the penis, they would be on chemists’ shelves everywhere in the world. Lotions on the other hand make many men who use them a lot more familiar with their penises.

Familiarity with their private organ is something that strikes many men as odd, and as such, they may deliberately avoid it, taking in only a few eyefuls of their penises every now and then when they urinate. Lotions thus may make men feel more comfortable with their penises, but actually influencing penile growth is a different thing altogether. Vacuum devices have also been employed by men as an alternative to aid their penises grow in size. This is how they work: The vacuum devices suck air out of the penis, prompting blood to flow into the vacuum that is left. They have been used as a temporary cure for impotence in men. The “but” factor about these instruments though, is that it is not proven if they do provide a long term size upping.

Penile extenders are perhaps the simplest of all means approached to gain penile size and promote penis enlargement. Basically, a weighted object is bound to the penis and allowed to hang. Prolonged use of penile extenders has had very convincing results for some of the men who have used them, especially men of smaller statures. Size gains of up to two centimeters have been recorded after the usage time periods of up to six weeks. However, it still is not clear if they can work for men of all sizes. Penis surgery is the most drastic procedure undergone by men looking for the “perfect” penis. Medical doctors recommend it only for those with severely short penis sizes, or those with medical conditions.

Penis enlargement medicines and procedures have been praised and shunned alike. The line dividing effectiveness and mere time wasting are blurred and shifty, which is a blessing to drug manufacturers. As long as the debates remain, the companies will always be able to make and market new products, all bearing the promise of the perfect penis.

different wys of penis enlargment

Topics on Penis enlargement are very interesting. Some say Penis enlargers work, others say they don’t. Some people affirm by supplements and comparable penis enlargement pills, while others say the supplements are ineffective. A few say that penis extenders help make their penis bigger, and others say exercises are the most effective. Well, let us now find out what really an effective penis enlarger is and what can be regarded as ineffective, perhaps dangerous.
Penis Enhancement Supplements.
There are lots of supplement products in the market and each promises effectiveness without side effects. Well, not all of them work but there are some products which can be helpful. This does not indicate that they will dramatically enlarge your size. There is no supplement in the market that can enlarge you. The single thing the good supplements do accomplish is that your penis will appear bigger. Increased flow of blood is the cause, since your erections become fuller and harder. This can be helpful especially when combined with some other methods. The results are temporary, since once you stop using the supplement, the enlargement wear off. They are good if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Penis Pumps
Pumps are used by most men across the world. The pumps push blood in the shaft, making it enlarge. Most men achieve great results when using them, but similar to supplements, the results are temporary and the use should be maintained. When you’re starting up, the correct method to use penis pumps is to begin “aggressively”, and afterwards reduce on the usage for their gains maintenance. Nevertheless, you must ensure you are following instructions in the package you are given.
Penis Extenders
These are the safer option compared to penis pumps, although pumps mechanics are totally different. They are devices which you wear for some period of time to elongate your penis, and they are generally accompanied by some exercises to fasten the process. They are ideal for penile curving, when the penis points to the right or left, upwards or downwards. Many men say their results aren’t temporary, but some would say that only surgery would give permanent results.
Exercises for Penis Enlargement
Exercises for penis enlargementare usually considered as the safest means available. Some people combine penis enlargement supplements with exercises to increase the flow of the blood to the shaft. Several men are getting noteworthy gains from these exercises, although for you to enlarge your size greatly you have to dedicate yourself to using them. Almost similar to bodybuilding, to see noticeable results you must focus and dedicate.
Therefore, to effectively enlarge your penis, without undergoing the knife, you should choose which of these options best suits your wishes as men have varying needs. Some have erection conditions, while others just want to try out to verify if they work or not and some other men focus and dedicate themselves to increase their penis size. These men never stop until they achieve what they want. These types of men have the highest injury rate as well, so you should be very careful if you have to use extreme ways like pumping.

Penis Enlargememt

Most men feel incredibly distressed about the penis sizes they want or desire to have. Unfortunately, they also believe that acquiring a large penis naturally is impossible. This misconception has thus resulted to most men using other penis enlargement alternatives such as pills and surgery. It is very important that you consider you health and life when choosing a penis enlargement method.

There are a number of reasons to prove that the penis can be enlarged naturally. These reasons include the following:

Penis enlargement through surgery is not the only solution. Most people go for this method since it takes a shot period but considering the pain and strain accompanied by it, it is not worth.

Exercising the penis makes it longer, thicker, and bigger with time. This method takes time to work and needs ones patience and consistence. This method is natural, safer, and inexpensive.

It has been tested, guaranteed, and proven that it is possible to acquire a large penis naturally. This method needs a little more effort to get satisfying results. This method is also risk free, inexpensive, and very natural.

Some of the natural supplements that are used for penis enlargement include:

1) Zinc, which helps in the development of the penis, sperms, testosterone, and prostate.

2) Vitamin B1, which improves blob circulation in the penis.

3) Vitamin C helps in the elasticity of the penis.

4) L-Arginine that allows the vessels in the penis to expand.

5) Acetyl L Carnitine- helps in straightening the penis.

6) Vitamin B5 helps in the rejuvenation of penis cells.

7) Iodine, which is important for the growth and development.

The major reasons why penis enlargement is important:

Generally, people believe that men with large penises are more satisfying and give better pleasure. This is because a large penis rubs the clitoris during sex thus giving more pleasure to the woman. It has also been proven that men with small penises may suffer from low self-esteem. Men with big penises also get to enjoy sex in different positions. This that makes most men go for penis enlargement so that they may enjoy sex. Women love performing orally on men with large penises thus it is important for men with small penile sizes to reconsider penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement Pills to Make It Thicker and Longer Fast

Nearly all the male in this world are not satisfied for the size of penis they have naturally and want to enlarge penis at an earliest using various methods including medication, exercises or surgeries. Though several penis extending devices are also used to get a thicker, bigger and longer penis fast but several pills are also popular these days for penis enlargement purpose.

Penis enlargement pills are considered as the most effective method to enlarge penis faster and safely. Though people also use exercises or pumps to enlarge their penis faster and they get positive results if used regularly and properly but the results shown by these pills are better and longer lasting with lesser efforts. A number of Penis enlargement pills are found in the market these days and almost all of them need no prescription from the medical practitioner as they are based on herbal ingredients.

While buying penis enlargement pills from a drug store you need not have to be embarrassed to ask for a prescription from a doctor as they are freely available over the counter drugs. You can also order these pills through internet to enlarge penis faster and safer than any other method. This method also allows you to get your drugs at your doorstep with any effort of visiting drug store.

Most of these pills available in the market are normally made of completely herbal ingredients and you can rely on them as natural booster for a safer and effective enlargement of penis. Number of herbs those are used in natural medicine to enlarge penis successfully can be got from any honest and successful site selling such enlargement pills by listing out the ingredients used in them.

Though these penis enlargement pills show their results within no time but for lasting results to enlarge penis one must continue them for at least two to six months as per individual requirements.

Choosing the Right Penis Enhancer Pills

Penis enlargement pills are popular and in demand among men because it has proven to be an effective method for penis enlargement. For this reason, more and more brands of these enlargement pills are being introduced in the market, but not all these are safe and truly effective. If you are planning to consume a penis enhancer pill, just bear in mind that not all penis enlargement pills are safe to use.
Here are some useful tips that you can apply to help you in choosing the right and safe penis enlargement pill brand:

penis pills

• Ingredients- The first and foremost factor that you need to consider is the ingredients of the penis enhancer pills. You have to ensure that the seller of the pills have listed the ingredients of the pills clearly. If you can’t find any ingredients in the penis enlargement pill product that you find, then most likely it is a sign of bad quality.
• Price- When it comes to the price, cheaper penis enhancement products are not always better even if they are affordable. We would always want to find a great deal in every purchase we make, but if you really want to see desirable results, you will need to invest some money on a particular product. It may cost you a little more, but at least you are guaranteed to get positive effects and you do not put your health at risk.
• Extra Bonuses- When you purchase a certain product, wouldn’t you love to get more bonuses, right? There are some companies and sellers of penis enhancer pills that offer other bonuses when you buy their pills. This will then give you a great value for your money. Some companies would offer instructional DVDs, informational brochures, exercises, tips and many more.
Make sure that you take into consideration these factors to ensure that you find a penis enlargement pill product that would help you attain your goal.


Male sexual issues can take quite a toll in the lives of many men. People that go through these issues will suffer low self esteem and in some cases have issues developing healthy relationships. There are however products in the market today that seek to help men get their vitality and lives back. Male extra is a product that has been developed to do this exactly with natural ingredients that make it a wonder to use. The best thing about products that come with natural products is the fact they have no side effects. This allows the man to use the product without the fear of harming his body. The premise of male extra is that it improves the flow of blood to the male organ allowing the man to experience stronger, longer and better erections. This is by increasing the level of the nitric oxide in the vessels. This compound is known to dilate the vessels. The penis works on the premise that erections are caused by the flow of blood to the tissues. The more the blood in the tissues the harder and the longer lasting the erections. The loss of good erections is caused when this flow of blood is hindered for one reason or another.

One of the major benefits of male extra is the fact that it improves the performance of the individual overall thanks to the natural ingredients. It also worked better than man other physical devices that are deemed to increase the level of satisfaction but seldom work. This will also improve the size of the organs exponentially thanks to the ability of the tissues to expand and store more blood. There have been testimonials from customers that have used this product saying that they have noticed growth in their organs within the first 6 months of use. Male extra comes with an ingredient known as pomegranate 70% ellagen which raises the levels of nitric oxide in the blood. This allows more blood into the penis increasing its size with time naturally. This is safer than using physical devices that may cause complications and discomfort.

The natural ingredients of male extra includes; L-Arginine which is an amino acid that helps increase the level of nitric oxide in the body for the purpose of longer and harder erections. You will also find Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), zinc, Creatine and Cordyceps. All these will help enhance the flow of blood to the organs tissues and also increase libido for the man. They will also induce better orgasms and more powerful ejaculations for pleasure. All these ingredients are also tested and verified for the purposes named above with people that have used the product attesting to their safety.

Male Extra can be purchased from the official site to be sure of what you are buying. The fact that there are many counterfeit products today means that every buyer should be careful about the purchases they are making. This is for the purpose of safety and also to ensure that the product that they are getting will work out for them.

Male Edge Review – How good is the male edge penis extender?

buy-male-edge-hereThose who have come across the male edge penis extender, the most bugging question must be how good these extenders are and whether they are better than the pills that are currently being used by men. Well, the answer purely depends on what their expectations and requirements are. The male edge penis extender happens to be a promising solution to those people who wish to add the necessary length and girth to their penis. Earlier, it was the pills that ruled the market but then their effect last only for a few weeks after which the penis shrinks back to its original size. There was also the penis pumps that entered soon after which was more of a frustrating one for people because of the possibility of bruising from too much suction. The male edge penis extender on the other hand is quite convenient to use and can be used to add up to 3 inches to the penis and the procedure just takes a couple of minutes to complete.

These devices are particularly useful for those men who are unhappy with the size and want to make their penis bigger. The method employed is actually inspired from an ancient process and allows the pulling of the penis without any pain. As per the reviews provided for the male edge penis extender, it is seen that they start showing results in 2 weeks’ time which is quite a satisfactory time period. The shorter time period is because the penis after being pulled or extended favors more blood to circulate around the veins. This is considered as a factor that helps in the making of harder erection and more seminal fluid. The use of the male edge penis extender is also pretty easy one and there is not much complication in the process.

All you need to do is attach the male edge penis extender from tip to the base of the penis and start the stretching process. This might sound like a painful task to accomplish but then, it is not at all a hard process and cushion around the base makes the process a highly comfortable one. There won’t be any room for friction because no pumping is involved and all you need to do is focus on keeping it in place.

If you have heard about the jes extender, then you will also be familiar about how popular it got after it was first introduced. Well, the male edge penis extender comes from the same company and the companies experience with male enhancement devices itself is an assurance of quality and result. Being an improvement of the jes extender, the male edge penis extender is much more comfortable and easier to use and most importantly has positive effects. For those wondering how the penis extender produces such changes, the principle is a pretty simple one to explain. The body has an ability to expand and grow when it is under pressure and to be more specific, you could also say that the conception of traction is the one acting here.